Company Overview

We are a software consulting start-up with a great work culture, headquartered in Canada. We develop and deliver high-quality online applications with a customer first approach. We pursue and execute challenging and cutting edge technology projects that offer tremendous learning opportunities and exciting work for our people.  Work-life balance is a way of life for our people and we reward them for their great work at the end of each project.

Our Vision

Our vision is to:

·        Be a topnotch software service provider

·        Provide cutting-edge technologies to our customers in North America

·        Generate a unique and tenaciously stimulating work culture that encourages our people to be:

o   Creative and Innovative

o   Driven and Passionate

o   Encouraging and Caring

o   Team-players who are committed to mutual-development

Our Values

1)      We believe that we matter and we take great pride in ourselves. That is why we take complete accountability for every bit of our work and we are committed to it. We make sure that the work we do is impeccable and of high quality.  We plan ahead so we can deliver that level of quality on time and within the allotted project budget.


2)      We value:

·     Honesty

·     Integrity

·     Quality and

·     Commitment.

These are the foundations and building blocks of all our interactions.

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